The Blockchain for Decentralized Economies

Ultra-Fast, Truly Scalable and Provably Secure 

Why Fission

Fission is the next-generation public blockchain that solves the blockchain trilemma by achieving the best balance among scalability, security and decentralization with rigorous mathematical proofs

Truly Scalable

High throughput alone is far from enough. Fission solves the scalability problem from all aspects by offering an innovative platform that achieves high throughput, low confirmation times, while scaling to large block sizes.

Provably Secure

No blockchain will be secure without active participation from users, and we propose a novel PoS-based consensus protocol that offers security guarantees given a lower-bounded system activity in a energy-efficient manner.

Purely Decentralized

Blockchains are much less promising without decentralization. Fission retains this most important and revolutionary value of blockchains without compromising scalability and security, or introducing centralized authorities.

What is Fission's Technology

Fission re-innovates all the core elements of blockchains – computation, networking, and storage – in a holistic manner. This achieves high scalability in both terms of throughput and confirmation times, while maintaining blockchain's core values of security and decentralization.

Computation Layer

Empowered by our novel transaction pipelining model, adaptive partitioning mechanism and PoS-based consensus protocol, Fission achieves the optimal throughput and maintains that performance while scaling and adapting to billions of users and time-varying transaction volumes, respectively.

Network Layer

Fission is the first blockchain that applies an innovative hybrid network to provide optimal information propagation latency which results in best confirmation times. Fission's ultra-fast algorithms guarantee the best performance respecting network dynamics and heterogeneity.

Storage Layer

By optimally utilizing the resources of the underline P2P network, Fission achieves a high data availability while scaling to the growing block sizes without degrading the throughput or the confirmation times.

Who We Are

Fission's founding team has extensive experience and proven track records on both academic and industry. They have successfully built systems and products that are serving billions of people everyday.

Ke Liang, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ke Liang was CTO of Eatigo (the largest restaurant reservation platform in Southeast Asia), Engineering Lead of Grab (the largest ride-hailing company in Southeast Asia), and Co-founder & CTO of Coinut (world’s first Bitcoin Options Exchange founded in 2013). Before he entered the tech startup scene, Ke was a Researcher at ADSC and adjunct researcher at CSL UIUC. Ke received a Masters and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University and National University of Singapore.

Wei Zhu


Wei Zhu is the founder and CEO of Axinan, an InsurTech company based out of Singapore. Prior to Axinan, Wei served as the Chief Technology Officer of Grab, the largest ride-hailing company in Southeast Asia. Before moving from Silicon Valley to Singapore, Wei was also one of the first 100 engineers of Facebook, where he spent six years after an eight-year-stint with Microsoft in the U.S. as a Principal Development Lead. Wei received his bachelor’s degree of Computer Engineering from University of Washington.